The Inshallah Paper

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This modern version of One Thousand and One Nights is a colourful no-holds-barred account of life in a largely traditional Arabia as the author fights to produce the Gulf's first English language newspaper.

Sex-mad expatriates, a ghost and a mermaid crowd the pages on an odyssey that includes a flying visit to the Middle East's most famous casino, where I show an oil company president how to win. There's a veteran foreign correspondent who felled a world heavyweight boxing champion, and an assortment of expatriates; the good, the bad and the crooked.

From drunken diplomats to drunken journalists, I lift the lid on life in a country where the Ruler shows a steel fist inside a velvet glove as he intervenes to save the newspaper after a dramatic showdown with directors.

There are lotharios and lesbians, a high seas murder, a two-fisted British prison warder, and the Bahrainis themselves, gentle and generous, who provide the backdrop for this revealing insight into a way of life largely gone, from the coffee ritual at the palace to crafts of yesteryear.

Set in a time when the pace of life was slower, in a sheikhdom that today has its own Formula One racetrack, The Inshallah Paper is a non-stop roller-coaster ride through drama, pathos, humour and suspense in a desert island setting straight out of the Arabian Nights.

PUBLICATION DATE: 3 November 2009
ISBN: 978 07043 7175 0
Format: HB
Price: £ 15.00
Size: 240 x 160mm
Extent: 216pp 8pp b/w illus.
Category: Autobiography

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