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June 2010
by Steve Royston, Director, global executive search.

"Postcard from Bahrain"
Anyone coming here to work would do themselves a favour by buying a book called "The Inshallah Paper". The author is Andrew Trimbee who arrived in the early 70s as the editor of the first English-language newspaper on the island.
Andrew tells a fascinating tale of outrageous charactors within both the expatriate and Bahraini communities, and of the life of a pioneering editor. What shines through the book is his affection for the civilised nature of Bahraini society.
One striking facet of Andrew's legacy is that from the humble beginnings of the Gulf Mirror, the Bahrain English-language print media has blossomed to an extraordinary degree.

Media Week Middle East - Dubai
(pages 18 and 19)
Sunday, February 7, 2010

A double-page extract from Andrew Trimbee's new book,
The Inshallah Paper, which recalls his time spent running the Bahrain Gulf Weekly Mirror...

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The Gulf Daily News - Bahrain
Monday, January 11, 2010
by Sara Horton

A treasure-house of memories
A new book brings back to life the Bahrain of nearly 40 years ago...

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Maktoob Business - Dubai
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
by Ben Flanagan
Rating 5*

A tale involving media workers, drunken expats and sexual shenanigans in the Gulf sounds like a précis to last year's notorious 'sex on the beach' case in Dubai. But the story in question, detailed in a new book called The Inshallah Paper, is from another time and place altogether...

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The National - Abu Dhabi
Arts - Sunday, December 20, 2009

"I knew from the moment I arrived that this place was special, from the colourful robes of the ruler, the Persian carpets and scent of oud at the palace, the bustling, heavily armed guards, to the unfailing politeness and exquisite manners that I met at every turn – all a far cry from the rough and tumble of the newspaper world that I had left behind in Britain. In the Gulf, I rediscovered values that we in Europe seemed to have lost."

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Gulf Daily News - Bahrain - Book Launch Luncheon
Thursday, December 10, 2009
by George Williams

The Gulf Daily News in Bahrain is the first publication in the Middle East to highlight publication of Andrew Trimbee's debut book, in a page-lead article by the editor, George Williams.
Pioneer editor in headlines again with new book...
This article followed an official launch of the book in Bahrain, hosted by a leading publisher and a leading businessman and attended by 30 members of the Kingdom's most prominent merchant families, all friends of Andrew Trimbee from 30 years ago.

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