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The Author

A little about myself

I am a former national newspaper journalist who has worked on the Daily Mail, The Times, and the Daily Telegraph where I was a chief sub-editor. In addition to the Middle East, I have lived in Kenya, where I was on the staff of the East African Standard, and the South of France.

I was privileged, all those years ago, to live on the beautiful island of Bahrain at a time when the old traditions and way of life were largely unchanged. This was a world straight out of the pages of One Thousand and One Nights, colourful, exotic and magical. But that was yesterday, time has moved on and much has changed. The friends I made there and their families, who welcomed me into their homes, remain friends to this day. It is these friends, and the island of Bahrain, who are the real stars of my book.

I have three daughters and a son but sadly my wife Christine, who shared these adventures with me, died four years ago. As a freelance writer, I now live in a fisherman's cottage on the North Yorkshire coast. I spend part of the year in a white hilltop pueblo near Granada, and travel widely.

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