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Above: The Halifax Courier November 6th, 2009
Left: Scarborough and Filey Evening News November, 2009

Naim Attallah - the Chairman of Quartet Books - writes in his Blog:

This is an important book for those who go to seek their fortune in the Gulf States. It highlights those countries’ culture, tribal in nature and very different from ours in the West, being more attuned to a religious, traditional mode of life. Family ties and loyalties are still firm and strong among them, with respect for their elders being an integral part of their upbringing. Their trading skills come from the hardships of the desert and generations of maritime enterprises. Bahrain has never been in the big league of oil-producing countries, and its traditional occupations of dhow building, mat making and pearl fishing have inevitably declined. Its position on a group of islands in the Persian Gulf, however, have made the country prominent as a trading nation and the establishment of an aluminium-smelting plant has been an important plank in its economy. The Bahrainis are sharp and streetwise and know how to enjoy their wealth. The expatriates who work among them come and go, leaving many a strange and entertaining anecdote to tell of their time spent amid luxury on the rim of the eternal desert. From the fisherman’s cottage on the north Yorkshire coast, where he lives today, Andrew Trimbee has gathered up many of these to weave into the narrative of his own story.

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