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The Sun
Friday, October 30, 2009
Reviewed by Natasha Harding -
Rating 4*

WHEN journalist Andrew Trimbee was given the chance to produce Bahrain's first English language newspaper it wasn't a decision he took lightly. He knew he had a monumental task ahead of him, but nothing prepared him for just how hard he was going to work in the coming months.
This is the author's account of his time in the Gulf, starting with how he got to grips with all the dodgy dealings that went on.
Then he reveals some of the stories that hit the headlines from sex-mad expats and drunken diplomats - and journalists - to a mermaid and a high seas murder.
This book reveals a time and place that will both
shock and delight

The News of the World
Sunday, November 15, 2009
Rating 5*

Dubai (they got this wrong, but never mind) these days might be a bustling mecca for the rich and famous. But back in 1971 it was uncharted territory especially for hard-bitten hacks used to the dog-eat-dog world of Fleet Street. Andrew Trimbee - formerly a sub-editor of this parish - was among a hardy bunch of journalists who embarked on the journey of a lifetime to set up the region's first English language newspaper. And his rip-roaring tale is one worthy of becoming the 1002nd Arabian Night. Drunken journalists and even drunker diplomats mix with quiet unassuming locals for a heady cocktail of debauched revelry. And in the midst of all this, there's a paper to get out. You don't need to have even a passing interest in the Gulf to find this hugely entertaining. Trimbee's snappy prose and the larger-than-life characters make this hard to believe it's not some off-beat 70's sit-com rather than reality.

The Yorkshire Post
Saturday, November 27, 2009
A quality northern provincial newspaper

Making headline news in the Gulf

Yorkshire author Andrew Trimbee's book continues to pick up impressive reviews. The Inshallah Paper charts the story of how he set up and edited the first English language newspaper in Bahrain, The Gulf Mirror and the story of the newspaper's turbulent birth and even more turbulent life is told in vivid detail.
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The Northern Echo
Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Steve Pratt - Features Editor

Steve's full-page article describes the background of how Andrew Trimbee left his job as the paper's chief sub-editor for what he saw as the high-risk project of launching the Gulf's first English language newspaper. He writes: "Trimbee knows how to sell his story" and asks "why did he wait so long to reveal all?". The author explains: "I've always known that I should write about it, but never did, because there were other things going on, but it reached the point where I thought, if I didn't do it, someone else would."

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Sunday Sun
Sunday, January 3, 2010
by Mike Kelly


Resourceful journalist Andrew Trimbee hitched a ride on a milk float to get to a job interview which opened up a world of ARABIAN NIGHTS...

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